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portMTA is the high-scale robust multi-channel messaging product who can send millions messages in an hour with using the best rules of delivery in order to boost deliverability.

portMTA Documentation

  • portMTA 3.x: Documentation for portMTA 3.x. Our unique mta now is re-built with .net 3.1 core with many more features like Blacklist Management, Enhanced Rabbit Functions.
  • portMTA 1.6: Documentation for portMTA 1.6. Our unique mta now supports text messaging.
  • portMTA 1.5: Documentation for portMTA 1.5. Our unique mta now supports warming up ip addresses automatically.
  • portMTA 1.4: Documentation for portMTA 1.4. Our state of art core engine now supports On-Disk Message Encryption, Actions and DelOrch (Our unique Deliverability Orchestration) server.

Deliverability Orchestration Server (DelOrch) documentation